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Katerina Voutsina captured The Running Of The Brides 2009

IMG_1733 by Katerina Voutsina, on Flickr CC BY-NC-SA

Katerina Voutsina captured The Running Of The Brides 2009 at the Hynes Convention Center.

Watch the Animoto video and take a look at the flickr photo set.

Jen Judson

Jen Judson reviews Frost/Nixon at the Colonial Theatre:

"It was a slight disappointment to watch the lights dim and notice that many seats were not filled in the orchestra section of the Colonial Theatre for the Saturday, February 7 matinee of Peter Morgan’s Frost/Nixon."
Nice site design and great use of images.

Good review too. Very interesting.

BU emergency alert system activated

Megan Peet writes, "Weapons Scare Tests BU Alert System":

"On Wednesday, the inboxes and voice mails of every student and faculty got assaulted with the BU emergency alert system, warning us to stay away from 705 Comm Ave and that there was 'police activity' in the area."
Interesting to contrast her blog post and news story.

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BUrrito Eating Contest

Connor Gleason covers the5th annual Rice and Bean Pot Burrito Eating Contest at Qdoba on Commonwealth Avenue. Great photos.

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